Eat until you're full

What does "full" feel like? Most people don't know. It's completely subjective and one person will describe it differently than another person.

There is no way to quantify or measure what "full" means to any individual person. It amazes me how so many people in the Carnivore community preach N+1 and at the same time give the same answer to every question....

"How much do I eat?" ....."Until you're full."
"When do I eat?" ....."When you're hungry and until you're full."
"How do I heal my body?" ....."Eat when you're hungry and until you're full."
"Will the WOE cure my Insulin Resistance?" "Sure, just eat meat and water when you're hungry. Eat to satiety."

The idea of your body self-regulating and sending signals to your brain to tell you what it needs at any given time is fantastic, amazing, and can be incredibly effective.

Two problems.

1. Most people ha…

A day in The Meat Life

I've been following the zero carb diet for just over 4 months. I've lost 7% body fat (almost 20 pounds)! Over this time my muscle mass has gradually risen. I've added just over a pound of muscle in 4 months.

That may not seem like a lot but there has been much experimenting with fat to protein ratios and percentages, overall calorie intake, and type of exercises programs to see what works the best for me to lose fat and gain muscle.

I think I've got it dialed in and I wanted to share it with you guys.

When I started this, I wasn't eating enough. I lost a lot of weight; fat and muscle. I started at almost 94 pounds of muscle and got down to 92lbs. at certain points. I'm now up to 95lbs. while still maintaining 10% body fat, here's how.

First, I used the Carnivore Calculator to figure out how much I should be eating based on my BMR and activity level. Those numbers are below.

Second, I made sure to hit those numbers every day. I had these numbers for sev…

Coffee, the big debate

Every day I see someone ask if it's ok to drink coffee if you're following a carnivore diet. The answer will always be, "if you enjoy it, it doesn't adversely affect you, and you are still seeing positive effects from the diet, then go for it.".

Here's something I've heard mentioned in dark corners but wasn't able to find any hard info on until recently.

Coffee has been linked to increasing levels of triglycerides in humans.

Here is a list of studies and articles I've found that show evidence that less filtered and or high quantities of coffee can raise triglycerides.

The effect of coffee consumption on serum lipids: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Coffee and Cholesterol
How coffee raises cholesterol
Cafestol, the Cholesterol-Raising Factor in Boiled Coffee, Suppresses Bile Acid Synthesis by Downregulation of Cholesterol 7α-Hydroxylase and Sterol 27-Hydroxylase in Rat Hepatocytes

Effect of a coffee lipid (cafestol) on cholesterol meta…

What is intensity and how to make it work for you

You just finished your workout and you are sweaty, gasping for air, laying on the floor barely able to get up on your knees and slowly crawl over to a bench to recover your senses, when you hear it from across the room….

“That wasn’t so bad.”

“Are you freaking serious?!?!”, you ask yourself, “That sucked, what’s wrong with that guy?!”.

There’s nothing wrong that guy. He’s just working at a different level of intensity.

But I thought to get any benefit from exercise you had to crush yourself every time.

Sure you can, but you don’t have to. In fact, a good fitness program will have varying levels of intensity in every single workout.

What is Intensity?

There are three things to consider when talking about intensity. (I’ll try and make this part quick, we could fall down a hole and get lost….where is that rabbit?)

Absolute Intensity

This is the work actually being done. If you move 100 pounds, then you just moved 100 pounds. If you ran 1 mile, then you just ran 1 mile. That’s it. The work being c…

How to eat more and still get skinny

I'm chowing down like never before and I've lost body fat. I'm eating an average of 2600 cals per day and all I've done is lost fat... My Base Metabolic Rate is 1850 cals per day.

If I was eating that amount of food on my old diet I would, add body fat.

My activity level hasn't changed. I'm eating more and losing body fat. How does that happen???

Fat is magic! Not really but close.

There are a handful of things going on that becoming fat adapted does for us.

These little guys are the workhorses of our metabolism. The more we have and the better they work, the less stress our bodies have to deal with and the more energy we can utilize throughout the day.

When we say we are "speeding up" our metabolism what we're really saying is that we are optimizing our mitochondrial production and performance to increase our body's ability to burn fuel.

Guess what is the best way to help those mitochondria produce and function......cutting out t…

Where's the line? What's Carnivore and what's not.

"Can I use ketchup on this diet?"

"Do I have to stop drinking coffee?"

"On this WOE, can I have avocados?"

"Is it bad if I add seasoning to my meat?"

Frequent any of the numerous Carnivore groups on Facebook and you will see these questions asked daily. Literally. Every single day.

What is a carnivore?
car·ni·vore ˈkärnəˌvôr/noun an animal that feeds on flesh.
That's it, folks. If you want to follow the Carnivore Diet, then you can only eat the flesh of other animals.

End of story. Nothing else qualifies.

What's the point?
The Carnivore Diet works for so many people for two main reasons.
1. Everything we need to survive and be healthy can be found in meat.
2. Significantly reduces the impact that plant-based foods have on our bodies.

That's it. It's simple until you get people involved.

If you tried to eat a strict 100% animal flesh diet, you would probably get bored and not last very long as a carnivore.

Each of you has a different…

It's just one drink

I am a bourbon guy. I love trying new bourbons, and I have several that I enjoy drinking. I used to have 1 glass of bourbon 3-4 nights a week. I’ve had issues limiting myself to drinking one Manhattan a night.

I still enjoy a good Blanton’s or Woodford Double Oaked occasionally. I have, however, cut back significantly once I realized the effects it was having on my body, and my ability to improve my health.

A while ago, I went on a 21-day nutrition challenge and didn’t drink for 3 weeks. It wasn’t that hard to do but the results were very eye-opening.
I slept like a rock on a log every night, best ever.I didn’t feel as sore from workouts anymoreI lost 9lbs. in 3 weeks After these results, I did a little more digging to find out why these things happened. I had a pretty good diet already before I did the challenge. The biggest change I made was the reduction of alcohol I drank each week.

Here’s what I learned.

Alcohol hijacks your metabolism. It stops the body from using fat for fuel, incre…