Does red meat cause cancer? (Spoiler Alert, it doesn't)

There is no direct link too eating red meat and getting cancer. Regardless of what you may hear on the news, eating bacon is not as bad for you as smoking.

Thank goodness!

Here are some very good references with more detailed information than I can provide on what is wrong with the current information being propagated by the media.

Chris Kresser breaks down the latest World Health Organization report and how messed up it is.

“The association between red meat and cancer is not strong (i.e. comparing bacon to cigarettes is absurd), and in fact is often not distinguishable from chance.” (ref. 6)

Mark Sisson breaks it down a little more and puts it into context with real life.

“There’s also the fact that red meat suffers from an “unhealthy user bias.” Most heavy red meat eaters aren’t sprinting, lifting weights, and going for walks every day. They’re eating their meat between buns, and with fries. They’re getting their red meat …

How does the Carnivore diet work?

“Eat meat, Drink water”, is the mantra of the carnivore community. The Carnivore Diet aka. The Zero Carb Diet has been an effective tool for many years to help people with all sorts of issues, heal themselves, and live better lives.

There is a long list of diseases, chronic illness, and other health factors that moving to an all meat diet has helped people improve and heal from.

Question: How does the Carnivore Diet do all this and help you lose body fat, gain muscle, and make you feel more energized?

Answer: Addition by subtraction

Some things we know.
Carbohydrates are used for fuel before body fat is used for fuel. As long as we have excess carbs in our systems, we’ll never lose body fat.Plant-based foods are basically carbs. Think about that for a minute…. Now think about number 1 on this list.Fat provides more energy per gram (9 calories) than carbs do (4 calories). So less equals more. You have to eat more than 2 x the carbs to get the same amount of fuel.Plant-based foods take an…

6 Weeks and counting - It's working!

What you're looking at is something I've never been able to do before.

Over the last 6 weeks, I've lost 4% body fat and 12 lbs. !!!

Here's the cool part. I only lost 1 pound of muscle! (and I know why)

Losing 12 pounds of total body weight with only 1 pound of it being from muscles is amazing. I've dropped weight before and it always came with about 20%-30% of the total weight loss coming from muscle. This resulted in a loss of strength and generally everything in my workouts being harder.

One of the reasons I wanted to try this diet was to see if it was possible to lose fat without losing muscle. I am most assured that it is. Here's a couple of things that I figured out in the last 2 weeks.

1. Eating more protein is important if you're trying to gain or maintain muscle. When you're figuring out how much you need to eat start with a goal of eating your LEAN MASS weight (everything but fat pounds) in grams of protein each day. If your lean mass is 150 l…

Essential Carbohydrates

I'm perusing a few carnivore FB groups today and I see something that gets me thinking.

" far there is no essential carbohydrate that I know of..."
So I ask my wife the nutritionist...,"Hey babe, are there any such things as essential carbohydrates?"
She says, "No."
Ok, so now I'm really thinking. How can anyone say that a high-fat low/zero carb diet if bad for you if there aren't any carbs that anyone considers essential?
There is so much noise out there about the need for carbs to build muscle, and needing fiber (it's a carb fyi) for good digestion and probiotics... Yet carbs aren't considered essential.
I could name off 30 different vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other compounds that are not only essential but vital to the functioning of our body.
Every one of them can be found in meat.
From the stuff we get in meat, we grow muscles, regulate cell health, fuel the brain, grow skin, repair tendons and joints, keep the centra…

What about seasoning?

Keep it simple. For most of what I cook, I use salt and pepper. Seeing as how I live near Baltimore, MD I have an abundant supply of Old Bay Seasoning available and I use it frequently as well.

Don’t use anything with sugar or additives. Here are some suggestions for companies that make spices/seasonings that would work:


Balanced Bites

Primal Palate

If you want to put a garlic clove on your steak, then put a dang garlic clove on your steak. My suggestion though, if you want the flavors of whole herbs, cook with them then leave them to the side.

Note: The only condiment I use is mustard or hot pepper sauce. I have learned to like it a lot.

The end of week 5 - Finding a balance

Numbers this week are identical to last week. Muscle mass is the same, body fat too.

I'm trying something new this week. I ate Carnivore junk food all week. My diet this week consisted of:

Hot DogsPolish SausageBratwurstBacon (not too bad)Eggs (not too bad except for the ones I got from fast foods restaurants)Deli meatFood truck taco meat I did throw in some bone broth and I tried ground lamb for the first time. In general, the food this week was pretty crappy.
Honestly though, how I felt through the week didn't change too much. I had little more soreness after workouts and had to take an extra day off which I didn't have to do the last 2 weeks.

The biggest difference was in the consistency of my poop. It was softer, a little runnier, and I had more gas/pressure associated with it.

I'm done with beer. Since I started this, I had 2 beers on Memorial Day weekend, and 1 beer over this weekend. Both times, the day after, I was bloated, pained, and had explosive "m…

Let's talk about poop

Removing the fiber from your diet will shock your system a little. Eating plant-based foods requires that our bodies use fiber to help in digestion and passing waste.

Soluble fiber helps food stay in the digestive tract longer so it has more time to be broken down and absorbed. This is needed because so much of plant-based food is not easily digested.

Non-soluble fiber helps aid in the movement of waste through the system and adds bulk to your stool. This is needed because so much of plant-based food is not easily digested and creates a high amount of waste material.

Our bodies need time to adapt to a no plant food diet. It’s been so used to breaking down all this extra stuff that it will take some time for it adapt to the ease of digesting meat. Once this happens you should notice a few things.

Your poop will be smaller and come out more easily. Meat is dissolved super easy and much more of it is used by the body, so there is significantly less waste.

Your poop won’t be as stinky. The was…