The best way to make the Carnivore Diet work for you

In order to ensure that we learn the most from our experiences, we have to do our best to collect as much data as possible.

A lot of people are starting this diet because they hear and see other people having success with it. I want to take it to another level and learn why it works, if it's sustainable looking term, and who it does or doesn't work for.

We need to understand the science of this diet. We need data to do that. It starts with gathering statistical evidence to show a direct correlation between the diet and all the various benefits it provides.

The one thing I've seen about the increased interest in this way of life is the lack of interest in tracking any pertinent data. There is a lot of, "eat when you're hungry", or worse, people offering up hard numbers for amounts of food someone should eat every day.

If we want to make a larger contribution to society we need to do a better job building a case for this way of life. In the largest view, anecdotal evidence doesn't get us very far.

What's your why?

In order to properly evaluate how the diet is affecting you, start by defining what you want to get out of it.

Do you want to lose body fat, gain muscle, heal a health issue, sleep better, or something else? This is the basis for evaluating what's working and what needs to change to reach that goal.

Track your data

It really frustrates me when I hear people recommend not to track calories.

If all you want is a six pack and you don't care about learning how to get the most out of the diet or expanding the impact of what this diet can do for the world, then you probably won't track anything. You'll get lean and look great in no time.

You'll most likely be in a caloric deficit, lose lean muscle, and hit a plateau sooner rather than later.

If you want to optimize the effect of the diet, you'll need to keep track of as much data as you can.

You should get the following data at regular intervals. (daily, weekly, monthly)

Total weight
Body fat %
Lean muscle in .lbs
Base Metabolic Rate
Frequency of poop
Daily Macronutrient % breakdown
Daily calories

Alternately, if you have a fitness or strength-based goal, you need to track your performance in workouts, and major lifting benchmarks

This combination of data will give you the ability to track your body composition and performance in relation to what you're putting into your body. Without it, you are working in the dark and no one can help you figure out what's working or not.

It can be expensive but it's also good to get bloodwork done every few months to check your cholesterol and nutrient levels. This is a safety consideration as much as it is gathering more information to demonstrate whether or not we do get all the nutrients we need with or without supplementation.

Bottom line, more data means more evidence which leads to better results for everyone. 

If you aren't tracking anything you can't say it doesn't work and you can't make it better if it isn't.


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