2 months and counting!

8 weeks in and going strong. Down almost 13lbs and 5% body fat. It took me some time but in the last two months I figured out a lot about how I needed to make it work for me.

I workout a lot and my goal is to lose fat without losing muscle. As you can see I had some ups and downs but I figured out how to do it. I'm actually eating a little less fat than I started out at.

When I started I was targeting 65% with about my body in pounds to grams of protein (198lbs). As you can see, I lost fat and muscle. So I changed it up.

I went to 1.5x my lean mass (167 lbs.). Within 1 week you can see I gained the muscle back and pretty much maintained it through the rest of the time.

You can see weeks 4,5, and 6 were flat on the fat loss. My fat intake was too high. I was listening to Keto Answers, a podcast by Dr. Anthony Gustin. The episode was on building muscle on a ketogenic diet.  https://www.perfectketo.com/024-building-muscle-keto/

In the podcast they talk about burning fat as fuel and just like we need to remove carbs if we want to burn body fat, we can't take in too many external fats, or the same thing happens. Added fats in your diet, burn before your body fat does. So you need to reduce the amount of fat you eat.

This makes so much sense! I stopped adding as much butter to things, poured out more of the dripping from meat I cooked than I had been. I just stopped doing extra things to include fat. 

1 week, .5% drop.
2 weeks, 1.3% drop

I'm super happy with things so far. The goal is 10% body fat and 95lbs of lean mass. then we'll see what the next experiment is going to be. I'm thinking I'll want to see how fast I can add 10 pounds of lean mass.

Next up...Blood work!


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