Do you fart a lot?

Every wonder why we fart? I never really knew the science behind it until I read this article and then looked into is a little more. It's actually kind of cool.

Basically, there are two ways our bodies digest food. 1. Natural enzymes that our bodies produce as needed to break down the food we eat. 2. Gut bacteria that eat up as much of what's left after the enzymes are finished working. Everything else gets pushed out as waste.

The Kicker

Do you fart a lot? Do you have gas and bloating all the time? Is it really smelly?

Guess what the by-product of all the bacteria eating your undigested food is, hydrogen and carbon dioxide gasses....

Now, guess what kinds of foods usually make into the large intestines to get munched on by bacteria, instead of being digested by the enzymes in the mouth, stomach, and small intestines....yup, plant-based foods.

Meat gets digested earlier in the process. Plant-based foods, this means carbs, get broken down by the bacteria. The bacteria poop out the things that our bodies use from the carbs and we fart the rest.

Basically, if you have gas problems, try cutting out the carbs and see what happens.

In my experience, it's made a HUGE difference. I almost never fart anymore and when I do, it's not a deadly toxin that requires CDC intervention.


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