Essential Carbohydrates

I'm perusing a few carnivore FB groups today and I see something that gets me thinking.

" far there is no essential carbohydrate that I know of..."

So I ask my wife the nutritionist...,"Hey babe, are there any such things as essential carbohydrates?"

She says, "No."

Ok, so now I'm really thinking. How can anyone say that a high-fat low/zero carb diet if bad for you if there aren't any carbs that anyone considers essential?

There is so much noise out there about the need for carbs to build muscle, and needing fiber (it's a carb fyi) for good digestion and probiotics... Yet carbs aren't considered essential.

I could name off 30 different vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other compounds that are not only essential but vital to the functioning of our body.

Every one of them can be found in meat.

From the stuff we get in meat, we grow muscles, regulate cell health, fuel the brain, grow skin, repair tendons and joints, keep the central nervous system running smoothly, and dozens of other things.

Generally speaking, carbs (regardless of where they come from) just turn into glycogen for fuel, or body fat if there's too much of it. That's it Sugar or Body Fat. That's what you get from carbs. 

Maybe I'm missing something. I would love to hear what you have to say. If there are no essential carbohydrates then we do we have so many of them in our diets?

Here's a good break down and more explanation on the concept.


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