Let's talk about poop

Removing the fiber from your diet will shock your system a little. Eating plant-based foods requires that our bodies use fiber to help in digestion and passing waste.

Soluble fiber helps food stay in the digestive tract longer so it has more time to be broken down and absorbed. This is needed because so much of plant-based food is not easily digested.

Non-soluble fiber helps aid in the movement of waste through the system and adds bulk to your stool. This is needed because so much of plant-based food is not easily digested and creates a high amount of waste material.

Our bodies need time to adapt to a no plant food diet. It’s been so used to breaking down all this extra stuff that it will take some time for it adapt to the ease of digesting meat. Once this happens you should notice a few things.

Your poop will be smaller and come out more easily. Meat is dissolved super easy and much more of it is used by the body, so there is significantly less waste.

Your poop won’t be as stinky. The waste is cleaner and less toxic so it smells less. It’s less messy too.

You may not poop as often. Some people on the Carnivore Diet have reported only pooping every 3-4 days.

A Couple of things you can try during this phase or anytime if it happens again.

Increase your fat intake a little. No one is 100% sure why this helps but it does for some people.

Eat more salt. Salt is vital for adrenal and thyroid hormone function which plays big a part in the way our bodies digest and manage food in the body. It also helps manage the acid level in the digestive tract.

Drink an herbal tea. There are several that you can try to temporarily relieve constipation.

NOTE: Most people on the Carnivore Diet probably don’t get enough salt at first. The change from eating processed food greatly reduced the amount of sodium we get from our food. You will probably want to add good quality sea salt to your diet anyway to make sure you’re getting enough. The recommended amount of sodium per day is about 1.5 tablespoons for the average person.

Constipation is a real thing and it will most likely hit you at some point. It hit me during weeks two and three. It should get better on its own, within a couple of weeks, just be patient.

Obviously, if it becomes excessive, do something about it. Try these remedies or go see a doctor and get help.

My Poop story

I didn’t notice anything for a few days. Then after about a week everything kind of slowed down. I felt like I had to push hard to get anything to happen and when it did, there wasn’t much there.

Like, dang, that was a lot of work for nothing!

A few days of that then, the constipation started. I didn’t poop for 2 days at a time but still felt bloated and pressure. This lasted for a little over a week and then I had a big ole party in the pot and was free and clear.

I’ve had cleaner, smaller, more regular, easier poops from then on.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I can tell, way faster, when I’ve eaten something that my body doesn’t like. I’m immediately messed up for a day or two after.

The way I poop now is a major contributor to my excitement about this diet.


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