What about seasoning?

Keep it simple. For most of what I cook, I use salt and pepper. Seeing as how I live near Baltimore, MD I have an abundant supply of Old Bay Seasoning available and I use it frequently as well.

Don’t use anything with sugar or additives. Here are some suggestions for companies that make spices/seasonings that would work:

Redmon https://redmond.life

Balanced Bites https://bbspices.com/

Primal Palate https://www.primalpalate.com/organic-spices/

If you want to put a garlic clove on your steak, then put a dang garlic clove on your steak. My suggestion though, if you want the flavors of whole herbs, cook with them then leave them to the side.

Note: The only condiment I use is mustard or hot pepper sauce. I have learned to like it a lot.


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