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Building muscle on the Carnivore DIet

But you need carbs to build muscles! A Zero Carb Diet won't work for strength gains or getting bigger.


It will. Differently for sure, but it will work.

Just to keep it simple let's talk about my experience. 12 weeks into being carnivore I've added 2 pounds of lean muscle. I've lost 7% body fat. At the same time. I went from 200lbs to 185lbs with more muscle than I started.

Some personal records in the last 12 weeks:
- Added 10 pounds to my Split Jerk (195 to 205)
- Did 4, 15' Legless Rope Climbs (only ever done 1 before)
- Did 17 Bar Muscle-ups in a workout with a set of 7 in a row in there (most I've done was 3 in a row)
- Added 10 pounds to my Overhead Squat 3 rep max (185 to 195)
- Added 10 pounds to my Banded Sumo Deadlift 1 rep max (315 to 325)
- Completed 6 out of 8 benchmark workouts faster or with more weight than I've ever done before

I started at about 17% body fat and 92.5 pounds of lean muscle. My goal when I started this was to get to 1…

How to lose body fat on the Carnivore Diet

Losing body fat is probably the number one reason people try the Carnivore Diet. There are a ton of other reasons to do it, but fat loss is usually the first step.

Over the last few months, I've seen a fairly consistent theme of discussion in many of the carnivore-based social media communities.

A lot of people are getting stuck losing fat.

I went through this. If you look at some of my earlier posts I had 2 periods where my fat loss stalled. I figured out what I needed to do to fix and I did it within weeks. I've now dropped 7% body fat in 10 weeks without losing any muscle mass. In fact, I have more muscle now that when I started.

Think about that, losing fat without losing muscle. That's targeted body fat loss.

There is often an initial bang within the first month or two and then nothing. They lose, 10, 20, 30 pounds and then can't seem to lose anymore.

There are most likely a couple of things going on here. It's not that difficult a problem to fix if you stop …

Dangerous advice

"But how do you feel?"

"If you feel ok then your body must need it"

Every time I see these kinds of questions or statements I cringe.

Anyone making the assertion that we are able to innately feel when our bodies have the right chemical balance, functioning systems, compound interactions, or any number of other processes and reactions that happen in our bodies is,... misguided.

The Carnivore Diet is doing many great things for people. Regardless of what anyone may say, no diet in the world can negate the need for medical evaluation and testing. NONE.

If you take the stance that "If you feel ok then you must be ok." Please keep that opinion to yourself. You could kill someone.

How many thousands of people feel ok on a Standard American DIet?

How do we show them that they aren't well? Science-backed, medical testing, that's how.

When someone goes to the doctor and they have tested with high insulin, or high glucose, or hypertension, or who knows wha…

Fitness Blitz Podcast

I did a thing the other day. Eric Malzone asked me to be on his podcast so I hopped on and talked a little bit about being a Carnivore. There might be a little business stuff in there too ;-)

Eric does a lot of good stuff in the fitness marketing world. Check out more of his podcasts here.

The Protein Myth

Protein intake and its effect on ketosis has been both speculated and improperly suggested for a while. The information that is used for diabetics had somehow become canon for people without insulin resistance who just want to lose fat.

In a non-diabetic person, protein will not adversely affect ketosis. You are likely not stalled in your weight loss because of too much protein.Protein is essential for your health.Proteins are the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat.Without protein, your muscle mass and bone density will suffer.
I'm not going to write a lot about this. I'm going to simply link to information that covers these topics. Take the time to read and watch. You need protein in your life.

NOTE: If you do a search on ketosis and gluconeogenesis, you'll find a lot of blogs and articles by some big names in the keto world. Many of them are old and dated. 

This has caused A LOT of confusion for many people. The new info and research that has been done show that the old…

Breaking down the blood work

OK, here are the results of my 6-week blood work.

This is another example of how this way of eating is turning much of the health world upside down.

The main markers that indicate disease are low.

Great numbers in Insulin, Glucose, and A1c.

No indication of inflammation or anything stressing out the body.

Testosterone levels are ok and Thyroid looks good.

What's up with the Cholesterol?

Here's the upside down part. Almost none of those Cholesterol numbers really matter by themselves.

We used to think that high Total Cholesterol or LDL was bad. According to all the old school information, I should have heart disease and have a severely increased risk for a heart attack right now. All the yellow and red items were flagged by the lab as being out of a healthy range.

That's old news. Still important to have the information but, I'm not concerned with the numbers based on all the new information that's available now. Here are why I'm ok with high Cholesterol.


Caloric deficit, we get it

Ever heard this? "As a rule in order to lose weight, we need to eat fewer calories than we use. This is called being in a caloric deficit. This isn't something to debate over. It is what it is. Get over it."

Here's the problem. You can eat like crap and still lose weight.

If you shift the discussion to losing body fat or having improved metabolic function,.....that's a different conversation.

Seriously, Go out and eat donuts, ice cream, and pizza every day. If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you'll lose weight.

It's a fact.

"Why is that a problem?" you ask.

It's a problem because it's a short-sighted, lazy, and potentially life-threatening mindset.

Losing weight is the most generic reason for establishing a diet. Sure, for someone who is obese, losing weight can be a life changer by itself. The risks of death significantly decrease when you're not carrying around a bunch…