Dangerous advice

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"But how do you feel?"

"If you feel ok then your body must need it"

Every time I see these kinds of questions or statements I cringe.

Anyone making the assertion that we are able to innately feel when our bodies have the right chemical balance, functioning systems, compound interactions, or any number of other processes and reactions that happen in our bodies is,... misguided.

The Carnivore Diet is doing many great things for people. Regardless of what anyone may say, no diet in the world can negate the need for medical evaluation and testing. NONE.

If you take the stance that "If you feel ok then you must be ok." Please keep that opinion to yourself. You could kill someone.

How many thousands of people feel ok on a Standard American DIet?

How do we show them that they aren't well? Science-backed, medical testing, that's how.

When someone goes to the doctor and they have tested with high insulin, or high glucose, or hypertension, or who knows what else, they have insight into what's going on in their body that they didn't feel.

How does going Carnivore suddenly change the need for that kind of insight?

I'm sick of people jumping all over someone who asks about calories, macros, amounts, or tracking anything.

1. Who are you to tell someone they're being stupid for wanting information that they find useful.
2. You don't know their story so stop making assumptions that everyone is like you.
3. Data, any data can be useful. Either for an individual or for the community as a whole

If you have an imbalance or something going on in your body that's not right, you may not feel it. I felt good when I ate a bag of Twizzlers. I didn't know it was killing me.

The Carnivore Diet has a very limited amount of comprehensive data available. Why are we demeaning people that want to learn how this WOE is affecting them and how to get the most out of it?

Why can't we support the people who are trying to improve themselves and provide support, and information that will help them be successful first and foremost?

If a new Carnivore wants to know about macros or calories why not just answer the question instead of  generically and condescendingly replying with "eat meat drink water", "eat when you're hungry", "calories, what are those?", "what are macros?'...or the long list of short-handed responses that are often given.

What good does any of that do anyone? You can't determine health by how you feel.

This blog isn't really meant for any of the people that discount the valid questions some of you may ask. Most of them will probably troll this and call me names.

This blog is for anyone who is legitimately interested in how to make the Carnivore Diet work for them. Looking at macros and calories is ok. I even suggest it for the first 6-12 weeks.

Get bloodwork done whenever you think you need to. Talk to your doctor.

Find someone who has good information that can help you figure things out.

There is a lot of BS, ego's, meat fanatics, and misinformation out there.

You're not stupid. Filter what you can. Look at the motives of the people giving information and do your research.

Be careful of dangerous advice.

The thought occurred to me a while after posting this that all of the people who say that the Carnivore Diet "Isn't about counting calories or tracking macros" are the same people offering up 25 different suggestions when people ask why they aren't losing weight.

It's too much protein
It's too much fat
You need more salt
You should do intermittent fasting
You should try the Snake diet
You must be cheating with carbs.....

It's absolutely insane. How much more simple, accurate, and timely would it be to answer that question if you could answer some simple questions like, how much protein and fat are you eating and how many calories do you burn?

But no, that's not what this diet "is about"....


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