Where's the line? What's Carnivore and what's not.

"Can I use ketchup on this diet?"

"Do I have to stop drinking coffee?"

"On this WOE, can I have avocados?"

"Is it bad if I add seasoning to my meat?"

Frequent any of the numerous Carnivore groups on Facebook and you will see these questions asked daily. Literally. Every single day.

What is a carnivore?
  1. an animal that feeds on flesh.

That's it, folks. If you want to follow the Carnivore Diet, then you can only eat the flesh of other animals.

End of story. Nothing else qualifies.

What's the point?
The Carnivore Diet works for so many people for two main reasons.
1. Everything we need to survive and be healthy can be found in meat.
2. Significantly reduces the impact that plant-based foods have on our bodies.

That's it. It's simple until you get people involved.

If you tried to eat a strict 100% animal flesh diet, you would probably get bored and not last very long as a carnivore.

Each of you has a different goal and reason for following this diet. Each of you has different motivations and lifestyles you have to live. You, like most people, need some variety. Anything you decide to do long-term should be sustainable, and enjoyable if you expect it to last.

That's why people ask so many questions about what's allowed and what's not. No one wants to eat plain ground beef all day.

Some people do seasoning, some don't. Coffee is in, coffee is out. Dairy is animal based but a lot of people don't do it. But wait, a lot of people do dairy too....

How to determine what's allowed
This is super easy and many people totally miss it. Keep this in mind.

It's your life. It's your body. It's your goal. That's all that matters. Nothing is written in stone and any choice you make about including or not including a food can be changed if you want to change it.

Step 1. Ask yourself, "Why do I want this?". If your answer is based on your own satisfaction, long-term enjoyment and will help you stay on track, then go for it.

If the answer is based on a situation you are in, your surroundings, people you're with, how you feel, or something external, then I'd suggest you focus on your goals and try to make a decision that will keep you on track.

Step 2. Ask yourself, "Will this help me reach my goals?". The only correct answer to this is "yes". If there is any other answer then take a good hard look at why you're doing this diet and what you want to get out of it,

That's it. Focus on how your decision will affect you and where you want to be.

What not to do
You'll notice I didn't say anything about polling the Internet to find out what you should do. The Internet doesn't know you. When you poll the thousands of people who are all doing things their own way, how do you expect to get an answer that relates to you?

You have a baseline for what the Carnivore Diet is. Eat meat, drink water. It's up to you to figure out how to make that fit into your life.

If you want to go 100% bacon and water for 60 days then boom, go do it!

If you want to add salt, pepper, coffee, and mustard, then boom, go do it!

If you want to have a lower fat % and higher protein %, then boom, go do it!

You like avocados, and you want to eat one every Friday, then boom, go do it!

There is no Carnivore Counsel that will pass judgment on you for violating the Carnivore Commandments. 

You have to take ownership of your nutrition and make it fit your lifestyle.

Are you eating mostly animal-based foods? Are you significantly removing/reducing plant-based foods? Are you seeing progress towards your goals?

Those are your guiding questions. If you can answer yes to those three then you're on the right track.

The only way this works is if you are proactive in how you monitor and adjust what you're doing to affect how well you progress towards your goals. It's up to you, no one else has a say.

We aren't carnivores
This may get me kicked out of some groups, but humans are not carnivores. We are omnivores and we can eat plant-based foods. I personally think there is some benefit to many plant-based foods, particularly those we use for herbs and spices.

The point is, while we may get all of the nutrients we need from meat, we don't have to only eat meat if we don't want to. There is more variety and nutritious food out there.

If you want to go all carnivore all the time, who am I to say one word about that. The same goes for anyone who wants to follow a carnivore diet but also likes a tomato now and then.

What is the Carnivore Diet?
My definition.

The Carnivore Diet is when someone eats animal-based foods as their primary source of nutrients to improve health and overall bodily function. For someone following this diet, there is a significant reduction or removal of plant-based foods, based on the individual's tolerance and purpose for following the diet.

Great Video
Dr. Anthony Gustin does a very good job of breaking down the Carnivore Diet and why he thinks it's so effective. Listen carefully to what he says about plant-based food being stressors and how that affects our bodies.


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