Eat until you're full

What does "full" feel like? Most people don't know. It's completely subjective and one person will describe it differently than another person.

There is no way to quantify or measure what "full" means to any individual person. It amazes me how so many people in the Carnivore community preach N+1 and at the same time give the same answer to every question....

"How much do I eat?" ....."Until you're full."
"When do I eat?" ....."When you're hungry and until you're full."
"How do I heal my body?" ....."Eat when you're hungry and until you're full."
"Will the WOE cure my Insulin Resistance?" "Sure, just eat meat and water when you're hungry. Eat to satiety."

The idea of your body self-regulating and sending signals to your brain to tell you what it needs at any given time is fantastic, amazing, and can be incredibly effective.

Two problems.

1. Most people have less than zero experience understanding what their bodies are telling them.
2. Everyone has different goals. N+1 means each person needs their own solution.

Overall Intake
How is someone who is used to eating a SAD diet going to know what it feels like to eat until they're full when it takes less actual food material to get that feeling? How is a person who is used to eating almost 2000 calories in one fast food meal going to know what it feels like to get full on 12-16 ounces of steak?

Crap food is calorie dense. Healthy food is nutrient dense. You need more food material to get the calories you need. This makes it hard for many people to know visually what is the right amount of food to eat.

It also makes it hard for some people to physically eat enough when they first get started. The biggest problem I've seen is people not eating enough as they transition. I didn't, and people I work with in my coaching groups have had the same issue.

Portion Sizes
Most people eat what's in front of them. It's part of our society to eat what is served. This has made many people used to large serving sizes. Look at this article that shows how things have changed over the years.

When you're used to getting a serving of dinner and the appetizers, meal and dessert is big enough to feed you for the day, how are you supposed to know when to stop eating at any point in time?

Learning what amounts of food to eat at a single time is a process and it doesn't just happen for most people.

Pretty much every other way of eating has a much higher level of hyper-palatability. The numbers of flavors, selection of foods, and variety in preparation makes for a cornucopia of joy for the taste buds, which allows us to eat more without getting bored.

When we eat meat the variation in flavor and texture is very limited and the signals for satiety are increased. Many times a newbie will get tired of eating before they are actually full, just because they aren't used to the new palate.

This is why you hear many people talk about starting out at one amount of food and several months or years later they've almost doubled what they eat.

Binge eating and snacking are habits that many people have. Evening snacking was hard for me to stop when I first started. I was used to either a small bowl of peanut butter and melted chocolate, or a glass of bourbon most nights of the week.

Even if someone figures out how much to eat every day, this is still a tough thing to change. Overeating can result and this should be taken into consideration when transitioning to this woe.

There are so many different goals that someone could have. This alone should make you think before spouting off "Eat until your full!" like an acolyte of the meat gods.

What I need as an athlete and fitness professional is drastically different than what someone who is focused on healing insulin resistance needs.

Taking everything we've talked about into consideration, that person may be able to eat until they're full and be ok. I may have to eat more than what I think full feels like right now. I may need to train myself to a different level of food and reset my full signals.

Bottom Line
Stop saying "Eat until your full." as the answer to every question. It's great for someone who has followed the carnivore diet for a while and has a better sense of what it means to them. It may even be a great way for some people to start as it does greatly simplify the process of following the diet.

But, if you believe that everyone is different, then the way each person follows this woe should be different too.

Satiety, calorie counting, macro planning, measuring, fasting, bacon only, raw, high fat low protein, moderate fat moderate protein,...............It all has a place because everyone is different and everyone needs different things.

Stop preaching. Start helping.


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