What's the deal with Insulin?

Everyone is on the march to kick Insulin in the teeth.

Insulin is the fat storage hormone! You must control Insulin in order to lose fat and beat insulin resistance!

Why is Insulin such a big deal and why should it matter to you?

I want to discuss what Insulin does and how it all comes together to affect our health and fat management.

While you're reading this I want you to remember that Insulin is triggered by food, it does not just come out and do its own thing whenever it wants to. It is a response to what you put in your mouth.

Insulin is responsible for getting glycogen into our cells to be used as fuel. How does this make it the fat storage hormone?

Well,... when there is too much glycogen and we aren't using it, Insulin tells our bodies to store it as body fat.

There are two types of fat, Brown, and White. Insulin promotes white fat cell production.

Brown Fat burns fuel, White fat stores it.

More info here (This is a must watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t1JN0RgvO4)

The more often and the higher amounts of insulin we have in our bodies, the more white fat cells we produce. The more white cells we have the more prone to fat storage we become. It's like we're training our bodies to get fat.

If the excess glycogen is being stored as fat, then we obviously have too much in our system so we can't also be burning fat for fuel. Insulin not only stores fat, but it also inhibits the production of ketones, effectively stopping ketosis.

That's it...
That is all there is to it. I see people getting sucked into debate after debate about the importance of Insulin and how to manage it and under what conditions it does this or that.

There are only 4 pieces to the puzzle.
1. What you eat triggers an insulin response
2. Insulin provides fuel to your cells
3. If there is excess fuel it will get stored as fat
4. In order to store excess fuel, Insulin has to stop ketosis

Now what?
Insulin is not bad. Insulin is just doing its job.

Insulin is not WHAT makes us fat. It is WHY we get fat. There is a distinction that I think we need to understand.

Insulin is a reaction to WHAT we put into our body. The best way to manage our health and body fat is to manage what we put into our mouths.

It's great to understand the mechanics of how our bodies work. Let's not get caught up in the minutiae and lose sight of what actions we need to take to become healthier happier human beings.


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