Bloodwork update

We're 6 months in and here's a bloodwork update!

Age:Weight:Body Fat %:
Myeloperoxidase199Not Tested
High-sensitivity CRP0.8Not Tested
ADMA78Not Tested
SDMA106Not Tested
F2-Isoprostane-CreatinineNot Tested0.51
Total Cholesterol207201-6
LDL - Calculated130111-19
Direct HDL637613
LDL-Particle Number13291158-171
Small LDL Particle Number241<90-151
LP-IR Score<25<25
HBA1c5.5Not Tested
TMAO23.8Not Tested
Testosterone, Total62271088
Testosterone, Free9.2210.771.55
Testosterone, Free %1.51.5Even

In my last bloodwork update I explained the different tests and which ones were important to keep an eye on, especially in reference to being zero carb. 

In June, most of my numbers already looked good and the overall verdict was that I didn't have much to worry about. Things just got better from there...

TMAO was high but I'm not certain on the importance of that one in the grand scheme of things yet. Unfortunately, they messed up the lab order and didn't test it this time...

Total Cholesterol is high but I'm not worried about it. It actually came down a few points but it's not a big risk marker.

LDL dropped out of the at-risk category to the slightly out of range category so that's progress.

HDL went up which is AWESOME

LDL Particle Number went down 171 points! That means not only did total LDL go down but the density of the particles in my blood did too.

Small LDL Particle Number went down a whole lot, which means overall lower LDL, lower density and less small dangerous LDL particles

HDL to Triglyceride Ratio went from a 1.0 to a 0.89, again AWESOME. That means my large LDL particle number has gone up.

HOMA-IR was already low at .8, but now it's .6, which is crazy low and a definite sign that I have no issues with insulin resistance.

Apolipoprotein-B is a test I didn't get into in my first bloodwork review. It was high and in the at-risk category then. As you can see it's dropped significantly in 3 months and is no longer an issue.

"Apolipoprotein-B (ApoB) is an important component of many lipoproteins that are involved in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease." -

All in all, I'm super pumped about how this is going. I'll do another test in 3 months and hopefully, things stay headed in the right direction.


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