Does food quality matter?

As simple a question as this is, it can get pretty stressful if you let it.

In the simplest sense, food quality matters because the more nutritious, less processed a food is, the more it will benefit your body. Common sense right?

Whole foods, organic, grass-fed, free range, etc… are also more expensive than more processed foods.

Not everyone has the time to meal prep every meal of the day or to cook every meal of the day.

Some people may have goals that only focus on fat loss and may not be worried about overall nutrition and health. Others, may be only concerned with eating as health as possible and every nutrient matters.

We see these circumstances play out a lot in the IIFYM community. There are many people that buy into counting macronutrients and managing their weight, body fat, and performance solely on their fat, protein, and carb intake….regardless of the source.

These are the people posting pictures of themselves eating a bag of twizzlers after a workout.

Not the healthiest way to go about it but it works for them. Is their potential for nutrition related health issues higher, probably. Are they getting the results they have set for themselves. Yup.

You are on your own journey. Do I recommend having a higher percentage of whole foods, grass-fed, organic, free range, and all that in your diet? Absolutely.

Is it possible to keep it that way all the time? Probably not. Long-term averages win the game. You aren’t going to lose the battle with one meal. Do your best, enjoy the rest.

You get to make the decision based on your goals and how the food effects you and your results.

Things to consider when choosing your food.

Additives - the less the better. Some things will have sugar (honey, cane sugar) added, if it’s less than 1g per serving, it’s probably not too bad. If it’s fake sugar (corn syrup or some other name) it’s probably worse. Anything that sounds like a chemical, probably is and didn’t come with the meat. The less of those things the better.

Processing - Is it pasteurized, frozen? How long has it been on the shelf or did it take to even get to the shelf? How many steps in and hands are involved in getting it to your hands? Local farms are better than corporate farms, less people and machines are involved.

Living environment - Healthy happy animals provide better healthier meat. It’s simple, just like humans, animals need less stress in order for their bodies to function and be healthy. The healthier the animal is, the better for you the meat will be.

Feed - Did the animal eat what it would if it was alive in the wild or was it fed buckets of corn and wheat it’s whole life, maybe it’s somewhere in-between? When we eat carbs we get fat...same thing goes for other animals. Remember healthy animals means health meat.


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