Carotid Intima-Media Thickness

I've talked about my bloodwork before ( and how it's improved since going to this way of eating. My doctor has been urging me to get a CIMT scan to see how healthy my arteries are after 8 months on Carnivore.

What is the CIMT?

The carotid intima-media thickness test (CIMT) is a measure used to diagnose the extent of carotid atherosclerotic vascular disease. The test measures the thickness of the inner two layers of the carotid artery—the intima and media—and alerts physicians to any thickening when patients are still asymptomatic.

Early detection may indicate the need for a more aggressive approach to managing the risk factors associated with heart disease and stroke.

Aging is a contributing factor to increased carotid intima-media thickness. Other risk factors include high lipoprotein levels, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Physicians use CIMT testing to determine the "age" of the carotid arteries. Knowing that patients may not be experiencing the symptoms of artherosclerosis, there still may be subtle changes in artery thickness. Armed with this information, physicians may develop an aggressive medical approach by prescribing medications such blood pressure and cholesterol lowering agents and aspirin, and patients may be encouraged make lifestyle and dietary improvements.

My Results

Here is the report from my scan.

"Your average IMT was slightly thicker than your chronological age of 46 suggesting an arterial age of 52. This does not achieve statistical significance, as we are primarily concerned about this number if it is 10 years or older than your actual age.

Fortunately there is no evidence of plaque in your arterial walls. In conjuction with your excellent insulin metabolism your minimal LDL partical number, and excellenet lifestyle habits, no additional recommendations are needed."

So,...... dietary cholestrol does not increase cholesterol in the blood. Eating meat does not clog your arteries. A high fat diet will not give you a heart attack...


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