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1 step to reduce your risk of Kidney Stones and Gout

I’m going to share a story with you about a 64 year old woman who had kidney stones. In her own words, here’s how it goes.

“6 Months ago I had a very painful kidney stone and the urologist found two more waiting in the wings. I began drinking unbelievable amounts of water and then began the Carnivore Diet. Just had a urology follow-up and before the sonogram, the doctor suggested that I go on a Low Oxalate Diet since I had had "multiple" kidney stones. Then, they did the sonogram and discovered that I no longer have ANY kidney stones! The interesting part? Almost all of the foods on the "to avoid" list are carbs. Go figure.” - Claire D.

80% of kidney stones are made out of Calcium Oxalate. Any idea what food source has all the oxalates? I can tell you it’s not meat. Here is the list of foods Claire was told to avoid.

I see carbs and plants. If meat is so bad, why isn't it on this list?

5%-10% of kidney stones are caused by uric acid. Uric acid is a byproduct of th…