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I don't usually get on a soapbox but I've been hearing a lot of crap from people lately and felt the need to vent a little. Maybe you can relate. Feel free to give me any feedback as to how you handle the hysteria you get from people just for not eating veggies.

The effect of a thing can be established in its ability to illicit change in multiple subjects without the subjects prior knowledge of each other or the stimulus that enacted the change.

If I stop drinking sodas and lose 20 pounds and thousands of other people do the same thing all over the world, and they also lose weight, is it safe to conclude that if people stop drinking sodas then they lose weight?

What if I stop eating carbs and only ate meat, eggs, and some dairy? If I see a handful of benefits in my health that happen to match a few thousand other people all over the world that I've never met, how can anyone tell me it's not healthy?

When I talk or listen to people that have followed this diet for 2,5,10, up to 20 years with only good things to say about it, how can I not take a second look?

There are dozens of doctors I know of that follow and prescribe this way of eating to their patients. There's a whole clinic devoted to it that has treated over 4000 people in the last 8 years using a zero carb protocol.

I hear it all the time. "But we need to eat vegetables." You can't be healthy without vegetables"...... Says who?? Prove it too me. I can point you to thousands of people that would say otherwise.

Any marker you can think of; my blood work, how I feel, my dental health, my athletic performance, how I sleep, my bowel movements, how I recover, have all improved over the last 9 months. I'm not sure how I'm missing anything by not eating veggies.

Question. If we need veggies to live then why are some of the most unhealthy people I've ever met, vegan or vegatarian?

I hear this too.."Cutting out all plant-based food is ok for a short while as an elimination diet." Ooook.... So it's ok to stop putting the things in my body that are causing me to be sick and ill....but only for a little while because I need to be sick and ill in order to be "healthy"...

Why do we assume that everything the government tells us is fact? How many of us truly believe the government has our best interests at heart? How do we listen to big health organizations about what is healthy when the leaders of those organizations are as unhealthy as we are.

The government has and continues to promote guidelines that are causing us to die by the millions. The rise in diabetes amazingly matches the introduction of low fat guidelines the government has been pushing since the 1950's.

I would love to see a study the shows without a shadow of a doubt that we have to consume veggies to survive. It won't happen though.

There is nothing essential in plants that animal products don't provide. There a dozens of things in animal products that plants can't come close to providing. On any measure you gauge, animal products win.

bioavailability - meat
nutrient density - meat
less inflammation - meat
satiaty - meat
ease of digestion - meat
essential macro nutrients - meat

You want to eat veggies then by all means go for it. Don't give me a hard time if I don't. Also don't pretend to know more about the way of eating I've chosen than you know about your own nutrition.

Instead of listening to what an internet doctor says about nutrition or believing everything the government or medical establishment promotes, go do some reading on your own. Look up the studies that are out there and the numerous books that all point in the same direction. 

Plants are not optimal much less essential for good nutrition.


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