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12 months of Carnivore

Everyone is concerned

May 1st, 2018 is when I stopped eating vegetables. The results were almost instantaneous. Overnight, I went from being a respectable person with years of experience managing data and making decisions based on hard analysis, to being a zealot, putting myself at risk, denying science, and being “extreme”.

People became worried about me. I was asked, a million times, why I would do something so drastic. I was even accused of promoting this dangerous behavior to my clients and betraying the vision I had for helping people improve their health and lifestyle.

The first thing following the Carnivore diet taught me was that no one, I mean, No One wants to find out that everything they know could be wrong. I learned that the Carnivore diet is not being fought because it has holes or it doesn’t fit scientific principles. It’s being fought because people don’t like to be wrong. No one likes to change.

Most people that I talk to don’t realize that I wasn’t convinced when I f…

How to stop Diabetes and Save Your Life - Part 5

Here is the last installment of the series on how you can make changes to improve your life and stay away from diabetes.

I wrote about what diabetes is in Part 1:

I discussed how we get it in Part 2:

In Part 3, I detailed how a Vegetarian Diet can be used to reduce the symptoms of Diabetes.:

Part 4 was a breaakdown of the Ketogenic Diet and what makes it so special and why so many people using it to save themselves.

Now I"m going to get into the Ultimate Keto Diet. What if you could be Keto without tracking, measuring, or havign to make up alternative versions of foods to fit your plan?

Carnivore Diet The Carnivore Diet, eat meat, and drink water. It doesn&#…