After only four weeks, I have lost 2 lbs. of body fat with no loss of muscle mass! So, in four weeks I lost as much body fat as I had in 14 months working out and eating whatever I wanted. Amazingly, during these four weeks, I have been eating well over 1200 calories, targeting almost 1700 calories per day.

These are my mentoring options. I can work with you in a one-hour session to help answer questions and get you started on the right foot.

I am so happy with the progress and finally feel like I have the proper training and tools to get where I want to be! My goal is to be in the best shape of my life by 33 and I finally feel like I can get there with everything you have taught me and will continue to teach me. Thank you for all the support and finding a great community of people! - Brandon M.

We'll go over your history, figure out what your goals are and come up with some actions steps to help you get there.

1-hour Mentoring Call - $95

My strength in the gym is coming back, I'm able to run again, and do just about all movements in class. I am taking a lot of lessons forward though - increasing my intake of fat, more red meats, cooking with butter, etc. - Brian C.

If you want a structured approach with more accountability, then the 6-week mentoring program is what you're looking for.

We'll not only do your first mentoring call but we will touch base weekly and do progress checks with adjustments to help you increase your chance for success.

6 Week Carnivore One on One Mentoring - $249


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