6 Weeks and counting - It's working!

What you're looking at is something I've never been able to do before.

Over the last 6 weeks, I've lost 4% body fat and 12 lbs. !!!

Here's the cool part. I only lost 1 pound of muscle! (and I know why)

Losing 12 pounds of total body weight with only 1 pound of it being from muscles is amazing. I've dropped weight before and it always came with about 20%-30% of the total weight loss coming from muscle. This resulted in a loss of strength and generally everything in my workouts being harder.

One of the reasons I wanted to try this diet was to see if it was possible to lose fat without losing muscle. I am most assured that it is. Here's a couple of things that I figured out in the last 2 weeks.

1. Eating more protein is important if you're trying to gain or maintain muscle. When you're figuring out how much you need to eat start with a goal of eating your LEAN MASS weight (everything but fat pounds) in grams of protein each day. If your lean mass is 150 lbs, try and eat 150 grams of protein.

Test it for a week or two. Did you lose muscle? Bump up the protein.

Remember when you bump up protein you need to bump up fat as well.

NOTE:  I go over this in more detail in my new book coming out soon. "The Meat Life Beginners' Guide to the Carnivore Diet" Keep your eyes out for its release.

2. I need to lift heavy. I was consistent in my workouts pretty much every week except last week. Last week you'll notice I lost .5 a pound of muscle. A few things happened. First, I only worked out 1 time with weights, second I run a 4+ mile Spartan race. Which is the longest I've run in 10 years. (I hate running)

The second week when I dropped to 92.4 lbs of muscle I fixed it by eating more and lifting more the following weeks. There was a direct correlation between the muscle gain and maintenance.

I'm pumped to see what adjustments I can make for the next few weeks and how they turn out.


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