Bloodwork Update - 10 Months

Alright, here we go! It's been 10 months since I started this way of eating on a whim, only to have it take over my life.

3 Month Update
6 Month Update

Before we get into the numbers, there were two things I wanted to test during the time between this and my last bloodwork. 1. How would cheese affect me and 2. What if I ate mostly ground beef?

Those are the two biggest adjustments I made during the time between tests.


My body composition and dates of the tests.

Age:Weight:Body Fat %:

I was around 92lbs of lean body mass during the first test. I'm around 95lbs now.

Myeloperoxidase199Not Tested190
High-sensitivity CRP0.8Not Tested0.2
ADMA78Not Tested74
SDMA106Not Tested94
F2-Isoprostane-CreatinineNot Tested0.510.56
F2-Isoprostane1.19Not Tested1.08
Creatinine - Urine231.3Not Tested194.5

Nothing super crazy here. No carbs means less inflammation. All numbers improved on what was already pretty good.

Total Cholesterol207201207
LDL - Calculated130111119
Direct HDL637675
LDL-Particle Number132911581043
Small LDL Particle Number241<90<154
LP-IR Score<25<25Not Tested

Curious numbers that I'll have to look into more are the change in ApopB and the rise in Small LDL particle number. Neither of them are worrisome but I am curious to understand what could have caused the change and if it's related to the cheese or change in type of meat.

HDL and Triglycerides ratio is still good at <1.0
LDL Particle Number is still going down. Almost a 300 point drop in 10 months.

HBA1c5.5Not Tested5.4
TMAO23.8Not Tested23.6

Also nothing to see here. The small jump in Insulin is a curiosity but not a concern. TMAO is purple because it's tested and they report it, but I don't really consider it a marker for anything.

Testosterone, Total622710400
Testosterone, Free9.2210.778
Testosterone, Free %
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin57.7Not Tested48.5
Albumin4.4Not Tested4.2

This is something I really am going to look into. I was very encouraged after the second test. Raising Testosterone isn't easy and having it jump almost 100 points was exciting. What could cause a 300 point drop is beyond me. The interesting factor is that all the other numbers in this test stayed about even or got better. 

I will definitely have more info to share on this later.

Nothing in here makes me want to change anything major. I'll probably keep up with the ground beef and cheese until the next test and see what the trend is.


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