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Fruits and Vegetables want you to die! (not really,....maybe)

No, plants don't want us to die. That was just an attention grabber. I'll tell you something though. They sure as hell do everything that can to stay alive.

Plants can't run from us. They can't bite, claw, or hide. They can fight back and the way they fight back is causing a lot of problems for a lot of people.

Think plants are good for you? Keep reading.

I already addressed the three main points regarding why it's OK to remove vegetables from our diet.

Vitamins and Minerals are in meat and animal productsAnti-Nutrients are plant poisonsBio-availability is lower in plants
I've been Following @paulsaladinomd on Instagram  (Youtube: for a few months now. If you haven't heard of him, go follow him now. He provides the best common sense breakdown of science as it applies to the Carnivore Diet.
One of the things I like about what …

How to Stop Diabetes and Save Your Life - Part 4

I wrote about what diabetes is in Part 1:

I discussed how we get it in Part 2:

In Part 3, I detailed how a Vegetarian Diet can be used to reduce the symptoms of Diabetes.: Ketogenic Diet The Ketogenic or "Keto" diet is all about turning the body into a fat burning machine. It is kind of the next level of the Paleo diet in that it is all about whole foods and cutting out anything processed but it goes an extra step and also reduces total carb intake.

Unlike the Vegetarian Diet, the Ketogenic Diet focuses on changing the way your body uses energy instead of reducing the amount of fuel it receives.

Because the modern diet is so high in carbs, our bodies have become carb burners by default. You eat more carbs so that’s the fuel your b…

How to Stop Diabetes and Save Your Life - Part 3

We've talked about what diabetes is in Part 1:

We've discussed how we get it in Part 2:

Let’s talk solutions How do you manage to live your life with little to no carbs? This is a challenge. It requires building some new habits and having a real understanding of what affects your body and what you can tolerate and live with long-term.

We’re going to discuss 3 options that I see most commonly used to help people combat T2D and insulin resistance. All three are based on eating whole foods and keeping things as organic and natural as possible. They are:
Vegetarian Diet - This is based on lowering caloric intake and choosing foods that raise blood sugar the least.Ketogenic Diet - This is a Low Carb, High Fat diet that prioritizes fat over carbsCarnivore Diet - This is a form of the Ketogenic Diet that eliminates carbs…