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Protein calories don't count

The term fuel gets used unilaterally when we talk about macronutrients. The idea that the body burns macros in order to provide energy for it to function is the basis for Calories in Calories out (CICO).

I think this is an incomplete view of the process.

If the human metabolism is basically the overall function of the body staying alive then anything that causes the conversion of fuel materials could be considered “fuel usage” and this is how most people look at caloric intake. This includes the 4 metabolic pathways (Phosphagen, Glycolytic, Ketogenic, and Oxidative) and any fuel material lost in the conversion of substrates into raw fuel sources.

But, is the loss of fuel material during substrate conversion the same as the usage of the end product?

If I put 10 gallons of 83 octane gas in my car and my engine is underperforming and I lose 25% of the gas in the process of fueling my car, is the car using 10 gallons or 7.5 gallons to turn the wheels?

Some would argue that it doesn’t m…